Prague, 22 August 2011 - by Marie Larmour

Ever fancied George Michael in concert by Twitter-Light? Then read on...
I reponded to George Michael's Twitter invite to his Black Tie opening nite in the magical Prague State Opera House as one of his Twitter followers.

I was virtually but stunningly transported to his opening nite via his Twitter Teams video clips, pictures and realtime concert updates. Twitters technology & his teams dedication provided fans with a tantalizing Twitter window to peep through to his first performance from the comfort of their homes.

I wish to thank all of George Michael's many and varied Twitter team for giving me such an enjoyable, snippit, virtual concert. The best way I can do this is by simply writing from my heart and describing the minor technological miracle they collectively achieved.

By all accounts the opening night of the Symphonia Tour was a truly wonderful experience for ALL George Michael fans. The Twitter Team he has assembled worked tirelessly before, during and well after the magnificient Prague opening concert. They blew all his Twitter fans away with the quality and quantity of their realtime concert updates, pictures and video clips. These continued after the concert with UTube Symphonica Tour footage links of even more songs performed on the night.

Due to the informative input from @SymphonicaTour, @HappyS74, @GeorgeMichaelNL, @GeorgeMOfficial and his manager @Mrlippman, a tantalizing Twitter window was opened for fans to peep through to his first performance.

Thanks to their efforts and Twitters technology I knew what the city of Prague & its Opera House looked like on the day, how the venue setup progressed and that George intended to wear his black Armani suit to this Black Tie event. Also included was realtime visual posts from fans as they entered the concert, tickets inhand, what songs George was singing as he sang them and that the crowd had a sing-a-long to Amazing! I also knew about the inclusion of his new song Where I Hope You Are. This he explained on stage due to his sad break up with long time partner Kenny Goss.

We were also treated to short video clips of some of these songs from the Master on stage in the beautiful and magical Prague State Opera House. These short clips brought me right into this premier concert experience. They showed him on stage, svelt in his black suit & tie. Although typically female I saw a dark brown shirt not black! From my thousands of miles away I wondered at his 3D visuals. These were best shown in these video clips especially during Patience. No still picture could do them justice.

Vivid, evocative pictures accompanied the video clips of the concert in progress and were posted fast & furious to my timeline as I sat transfixed. These were ontop of the pictures of the gorgeous, gilted, Rococo styled interior filled with excited fans, posters and concert merchandise that my eyes had already feasted on.

The previous day @GeorgeMichael himself tweeted when he arrived in Prague. He explained his recent absence from Twitter due to the hectic tour preparations and informed fans of his impending sound check in a few hours time. He told them he was nervous because of the new type of show he was putting on and alluded to some technical hiccups caused by the "tiny" but "intimate" stage. Unfortunately his "Whole shebang doesn't fit!" He then posted a video clip of the view of Prague from his hotel room.

No megastar other than George Michael and no medium other than Twitter would allow such intimacy or the ability to put you, the ordinary fan, in such close, realtime proximity of where you truly wished you could be. Your wish has been George Michael's Twitter Teams command. I for one humbly thank them for making it happen for me without having to leave my wee home in Rural Ireland.

Aim for the stunning, selfless star and musical genius that is George Michael....Find him by following him and his Team on Twitter.