'George Michael by Twitterlight' is a unique concept by Marie Larmour. These concert reviews combine the social medium of Twitter with press reviews, related documentation and YouTube uploads. This produces an informed review supplied by the fans at the concerts, for the fans at home. Quite a few of the 'George Michael by Twitterlight' reviews are published in Music-News.com.

These reviews amalgamate concert goers' opinions and experiences tweeted in real time from concert venues, supported by their personal video uploads and picture postings. His various international management, official fanclub and promotional Twitter sites also contribute as do individual members of Symphonica's musicians, backing singers and production team. Twitterlive #Symphonica concert tweeting is quickly gaining popularity throughout the George Michael Twitter community. More are joining in online to both view and contribute to this new way of concert sharing.

This fusion of miscellaneous outpourings attempts an unusual quirky narrative that hopefully entertains. It is in essence by the fans, for the fans, literally Verbatim but with an irreverent serving of sauce!